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How is the repatriation of the body of a deceased person arranged ?

Pompes Funèbres Calmes provides a national and international transport service by hearse or by plane.

As soon as we are informed of a death, we do our utmost to organise the repatriation of the body to its resting place.


Thanks to our fleet of funeral vehicles and our network of transporters, we are able to intervene rapidly, in Luxembourg, across Europe and throughout the world, in order to transport the body of the deceased in the best conditions.


​In the event of a death abroad, we will take care of the necessary preliminary steps before we can take charge of the deceased:

  • a declaration must be made to the local registry office.

  • In order to arrange the repatriation of the body or ashes, the consulate of the country in question must be informed in order to proceed with certain regulatory formalities.

  • A medical certificate stating the cause of death may be required, depending on the country.

  • Death and funeral insurance must have been taken out, otherwise we are required to inform the family that they must pay the full cost of repatriation.


Why is it necessary to take out funeral insurance ?

Planning a funeral means ensuring that the decisions taken will be respected. However, it also means protecting the family by relieving them of the financial costs associated with organising the funeral.


The type of cover in case of death differs depending on the insurer and the type of policy.


​Depending on your personal situation and needs, the following assistance services can be covered:

  • Repatriation of the body of the deceased (incl. a list of countries covered).

  • Travel costs for relatives if they have to travel abroad.

  • Legal and administrative assistance.

  • Psychological assistance to support relatives.

  • Other costs.


We are at your disposal to provide you with precise information, to advise you and to facilitate all your procedures.

For more information, please contact us by telephone or send the request form.

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