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Traditional burial

The traditional burial, the key moment of the funeral ceremony.

Pompes Funèbres Calmes has all the experience necessary to offer step-by-step support in the organisation of the funeral.


To ensure that the funeral runs smoothly, we go to great lengths to make sure that we understand the last wishes of the deceased and their family. It is important for us to offer a fitting last tribute worthy of the loved one who will be cherished in our memories. ​


Faced with a situation that is as painful as it is unforeseen, the family of the deceased must make numerous choices in a short timeframe in order to organise the farewell ceremony. We will advise you at each stage of the process thus simplifying the whole procedures as much as possible and allowing you to focus on other matters.

The process of a traditional funeral.

Placing the coffin on the bier

Our staff take care of the deceased by performing a grooming before proceeding with the dressing.

This stage is important for the relatives because it allows them to hold a fond memory of the deceased and helps them in the grieving process.

During this stage, the body of the deceased is place in the coffin on a bier. In accordance with the religious customs, the family may request that a priest be present and recite a prayer.

Whatever your wishes, Pompes Funèbres Calmes will do its utmost to respect the last wishes of the deceased.


The burial

The burial, or entombment, is an intimate moment that allows family and friends to say farewell to the deceased.

However, there are different ways to say goodbye.

This ceremony can be adapted according to the wishes of each person, such as the reading of a prayer, a poem or a more personal eulogy, songs, the offering of flowers, etc.

We then take care of the burial and the cemetery staff will close the vault. ​

Placing the coffin and decorating the grave

The grave or tomb is a place of remembrance in its own right and necessary for certain people to maintain a link with the deceased, and for others to recall memories.


Considered as the final resting place of the deceased, the choice of the grave is important as it should reflect the person’s personality, beliefs, family values, etc.    


Whether choosing a new tombstone, restoring or personalising a grave that is part of a concession, we work in partnership with the Marbrerie Schott (Master Marble Makers since 1977 who place great value in sculpting natural stones from our local region).


To decorate the grave for special occasions such as religious holidays (All Saints' Day, Christmas, Easter, etc.) or on a regular basis (depending on your wishes), we work in partnership with Fleurs Warnier based in Strassen, which offers a wide choice of flowers and decorative items.

Our partners

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Marbrerie Schott
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Every deceased person deserves a funeral that lives up to their expectations, which is why we are committed to supporting the family as best we can in the organisation of their grieving process.

For more information, please contact us by telephone or send the request form.

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