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Cremation is an increasingly popular choice for a funeral.

Cremation may be one of the wishes expressed by the deceased, either officially through a will drawn up before death, or through an unofficial request made to a family member.


Increasingly commonplace, cremation responds to recent concerns such as making life easier for the family following the funeral by not having to maintain a grave or pay for the burial site.

It also corresponds to a change in customs that takes into account the environmental impact and the desire to give a different symbolism to the funeral ceremony.

Practical arrangements in the event of cremation

The cremation of the deceased is subject to an authorisation issued by the registrar in the municipality of death, based on the following elements:

  • a formal act expressing the deceased's wish to be cremated or, failing that, the declaration of the deceased's closest member of family.

  • a medical certificate stating that there are no signs or indications of violent death.

  • a "pacemaker" certificate (for the crematorium).


As soon as the authorisation for cremation is provided, we will contact the Crematorium in Luxembourg-Hamm to transport the coffin and organise the funeral ceremony according to the last wishes of the deceased or their family.

The burial ceremony


The Crematorium of Luxembourg shall provide the family with a room for reflection and organise a ceremony that can be either religious or civil in nature.


Moreover, to ensure that this moment is as intimate as possible and shared with close friends and family, the room can be specially decorated according to the family's wishes and it is possible to choose a musical backdrop.


Following the cremation, the ashes can be dealt with in several ways:


  • preserved in an urn, buried in a grave or placed in a grave marker.

  • scattered in the "Garden of Remembrance" at Hamm crematorium or another cemetery.

  • placed or scattered at the foot of a tree in a forest cemetery (Bëschkiefecht).

  • scattered at sea.

  • transformed in diamonds.

Please let us know if the deceased had other wishes.

Where possible, we will do our utmost to organise a funeral that meets their expectations.

For more information, please contact us by telephone or send the request form.

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