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Pompes Funèbres Calmes will support you in carrying out all the procedures following the death of a loved one.

When a death occurs, the relatives have to come to terms with an emotionally demanding situation, and yet they are soon confronted with the imperatives of organising the funeral.


We will assist you in order to simplify your procedures as much as possible and to take care of the wide range of administrative formalities. ​


In this regard, you will find all the information regarding the initial administrative steps in this article.


Reporting the death

Before taking any action, a member of the family must contact a doctor in order to establish the cause of death and draw up a medical certificate confirming the cause of death (natural death, non-suspicious violent death, etc.). ​


Within a maximum of 24 hours, the death must be reported to the municipality at the registry office. Please note, this must be the municipality where the death occurred. ​


The local parish should also be contacted in the event of a religious ceremony. ​


These procedures can be initiated by a relative of the deceased or entrusted to Pompes Funèbres Calmes. ​


The registry office will draft the death certificate and issue the permit to transport the deceased (to the funeral home) and the burial permit (to the municipality where the deceased has chosen to be buried).

Following the issuance of the death certificate, the organisations listed below must be contacted:

  • The employer or the Caisse de Pension (Pension Fund - CNAP);

  • Caisse de Maladie (National Health Fund - CNS);

  • Bank(s);

  • Insurance company(ies);

  • Real estate organisation(s): the landlord, if the deceased was a tenant, the tenant(s) or the co-ownership association if the deceased was a property owner;

  • Notary (in the case of a will);


​Depending on the situation, other authorities must also be informed, such as the death fund, the medical-surgical fund, schools, the guardianship judge, the Société Nationale de Contrôle Technique (SNCT), the consulate or embassy, etc.​


Within 6 months of reporting the death, a declaration of inheritance must be made by contacting the Registration, Domicile and VAT Administration (Administration de l’enregistrement, des domaines et de la TVA).


For each of the aforementioned procedures, you will find the different documents (certificates, family record book, identity documents, notarial deeds, etc.) to be submitted to each organisation here.

For more information, please contact us by telephone or send the request form.

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